domenica, giugno 01, 2008

a post in english

this is a post in english. 'cause I'm a poliglott man. I can speak all the languages in the world 'till I was three or four years old (I dont remember very well). when I was three or four years old, at the asil I told to my teacher: "I can speak all the languages in the world", and the teacher said to me: "really? show me something", and I: "ok, this is english: one, two, three, four. this is french: an, du, troi. this is german: ein, zwein. this is japanese: coni, ciua, kawa, saki. this is swaili: cong, bong, sbroc, sbroc" and so on. the teacher, was a woman, get scared about this, and she said: "o my god! you are a genius! no! you are the antichrist! YOU ARE THE ANTICHRIST!" and when my dad came to the asil to bring me at home, she said to him: "your son is a genius! no, he is the antichrist!". and my dad said: "please, tell me why", and the teacher: "your son can speak all the languages in the world!". and my dad said: "really? astrosio, come here please". when I was near to my dad he said to me: "please, can say me something in... uhm... japanese", and I said: "sure dad: coni, ciwa, kawa, saki, suki, zuki..." and my dad: "BUAHAHAHAH!!!". and this is for real. I swear.



Blogger Kingshuk said...

thats too good man..u r true genius!

01 giugno, 2008 08:46  
Blogger astrosio said...

thank you, kingshuk! I dont know if I'm a genius, but I know that I'm something like a flying dragon. and yes, I know that there is not connection between "genius" and "flying dragon". but I love to fly. so... uhm... nothing... thank you. there we are.

01 giugno, 2008 08:54  
Blogger Kaishe said...


01 giugno, 2008 13:29  
Blogger astrosio said...

great gold, kaishe! quite compliments!

01 giugno, 2008 13:55  
Blogger angie said...

There are more days than sausages.

01 giugno, 2008 15:01  
Blogger astrosio said...

sure, my lovely honey, my only reason of life.

01 giugno, 2008 16:18  
Anonymous Astarte said...

Samtaim iz ard tu sei if e men is ander a iuge drag sindrom. Iu nid sam tests tu pruv it, a iurain test aderuais den a blod test, iven a singol eir chen pruv a drag teching, bat serteinli iu ev tu go tu de ospitel and let dem teic a spesimen.
Samtaim, insted, iz so isi tu anderstend det iu onli nid to rid sam freises ritten bai de men iu sinc iz a dragghed gai, end, let mi tu tell'iu, dis is uan ov de isiest ai've faund on de web.
Ei men, giast a cuestion, no mor: vu's ior puscer?

01 giugno, 2008 17:44  
Blogger astrosio said...

dear mr. astarte, I cant understand a single word that u wrote. but, remember, me-gay=you-die. I repeat: me-gay=you-die!

01 giugno, 2008 18:25  
Anonymous astarte said...

Diar mister Eistrausiou, iz isi!!! Giast rid in italian uot ai'v vrot, and iu'll anderstend evrising.

02 giugno, 2008 12:11  
Blogger astrosio said...

tenchiu veri macc, mr. astarte. nau I nou.

02 giugno, 2008 12:20  

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